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Sizes 16-24. Shop our latest range of flattering styles, designed to exude your feminine elegance and curves

Welcome to Lush and Beautiful
The Lush & Beautiful label connects the beauty of the curvy, feminine shape with unique luxury fabrics, in meticulously designed, timeless gowns and dresses. Tastefully created for women of all shapes, this label captures the exceptional high-end elegance for all fashion-forward women. With exact tailored measurements and carefully considered, design elements and cuts. Body-conscious ladies can feel confident and gorgeous in our ready to wear collection. Located in Melbourne’s luxurious fashion destination, in Armadale High street. Lush & Beautiful, has an in-house studio, perfect for those wanting a specially designed gown or cocktail dress. With a ‘happily ever after’ policy, clients are guaranteed to leave completely satisfied and absolutely stunning!

Plus Size Dress Store

Every woman deserves to feel beautiful, every single day of her life. Lush and Beautiful is one of the leading plus size stores in Melbourne, offering gorgeous occasion dresses, made to measure plus size dresses, jackets & coats, plus size skirts, plus size tops, plus size long dresses and more. We are committed to making sure every woman has a wardrobe that fits her just right, emphasising her curves and softening her less-favoured features. Whether you are going for brunch with your girlfriends or are looking to be the belle of the ball for a special occasion, our plus size boutique clothing will ensure you turn heads wherever you go. Specially designed for the vivacious you, Lush and Beautiful stock a complete range of plus size boutique clothing to flatter you from top to toe. End your search for an inclusive and accessible plus size clothing store in Melbourne by visiting Lush and Beautiful in person or online. Our plus size dress store caters to a wide range of beautiful bodies, with custom-made clothing and online orders also being easy to organise. We know that clothing is not just about how you look it’s about how you feel. Ensure you feel like a million dollars in your gorgeous, tailored plus size clothing from Lush and Beautiful.

Plus Size Boutique Melbourne

Our plus size boutique for Melbourne beauties allows you to have the right outfit for every occasion in your life. With made-to-measure clothing also being available, you can truly feel confident and gorgeous in everything you purchase from Lush and Beautiful, as each garment will be tailored to flatter your figure. Thanks to the convenience of online shopping with Lush and Beautiful, there is no need to scour the city for plus size fashion stores. We all know that they are few and far between, and often with an inadequate and out-of-date range of stock. Lush and Beautiful understand that there is a significant gap in the market for stylish clothes for luscious ladies, offering on-trend plus size clothing to fill the void. If you have long been looking for plus size dresses in Melbourne stores or local plus size women’s clothing stores, you’ll be happy to see that Lush and Beautiful are the complete package.
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