Plus Size Jackets Melbourne

Shopping for women’s plus size jackets can be a difficult experience to say the least. While some jackets may fit your arms perfectly, they may be too tight around the midsection, or vice versa. If you are frustrated with the insufficient variety of plus size jackets in Melbourne, Lush and Beautiful are sure to please. Our designers understand the requirements of plus size women, offering plus size down jackets, plus size jacket dresses, plus size long coats, plus size spring jackets and more to ensure you are always covered up comfortably.

No outfit is complete without a jacket, coat or other cover-up on the outside. From luxuriously padded jackets to lightweight spring cover-ups, any style or preference can be satisfied at Lush and Beautiful. We can also fully customise all our women’s plus size coats and jackets to make sure your designer jacket fits you perfectly. Whether you would prefer stretchy materials, adjustable straps or any other feature, Lush and Beautiful will include all the aspects you would like in your coat or jacket. Thanks to Lush and Beautiful’s plus size coats, Melbourne beauties can step out in style no matter the weather.

Women’s Plus Size Coats

At Lush and Beautiful, we know that your fashion is an outward expression of your personality. Accordingly, our women’s plus size coats span a diverse range of styles and preferences, including classic plus size black jackets and winter-ready plus size down coats. Our plus size long jackets for women are especially suited to formal events which require some class and elegance, while our plus size women’s suits are cropped and smart.

Lush and Beautiful will make sure you are dressed to perfection from top to toe. In addition to our ladies plus size coats, Melbourne locals can turn to Lush and Beautiful for plus size tops, plus size skirts, plus size cocktail dresses and plus size spring dresses. No matter your tastes, preferences or requirements, our designers will have you stepping out in style.

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