About Us

LB by Vivienna Lorikeet

LB by Vivienna Lorikeet is the curve division of Vivienna Lorikeet group. We specialize in creating beautiful garments for curvy women around the world. We employ our expertise in terms of shapes, lines and colours to make the wearer look slimmer, modern, and proportionally sculpted. With a highly skilled team of patternmakers, machinists, and designers, your beautiful dream dress is only an appointment away!

With our extensive experience in dressing real women of all shapes and sizes, we utilize special design techniques to accentuate all your best features!


Colour is the first thing to attract people’s attention! It doesn’t matter your size, or what you are wearing, the colour of the garment will direct the first impression. With our knowledge in colour play, you will look visually slimmer and glamorous in no time!

Shape / Design

In some of our fitted designs, we use built-in corsets to achieve that extra-slim waistline and gorgeous hourglass figure! Other times, we may decide that a loose fitting, drapey style is more suited to the customer, in which case no corset will be used. After your initial consultation, we will be clear on the design and construction elements needed to achieve your desired look.

The Best Customer Service!

Our in-house staff are professionally trained and dedicated to helping you find the perfect outfit for your special occasion. Customers with any shape or size are welcome to come in for consultations or inquiries. A high level of discretion and care are employed at all times, in order to ensure you have a pleasant and smooth experience with us. To book a personalized appointment with our dedicated designers, please call 1300 358 966.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

To find out more about the Vivienna Lorikeet label, please click the following link Vivienna Lorikeet Designs